How Important Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Is?

Will you buy a house without inspecting it? Definitely not! It’s a big purchase and there are several things that might go wrong, costing you a big fortune to fix in the future. Just like a house, a car is also an investment, having many parts that could be in need of repair or replacement. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to hire a certified car mechanic to conduct a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle you are planning to buy.

What Is Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Pre-purchase inspection is a vehicle inspection carried out by a licensed mechanic who will check the car and determine its mechanical, cosmetic and safety condition. The expert will sort out any existing conditions and potential issues that might arise in the future. In addition, he will examine if previous damages have been properly fixed. By getting a full insight on the vehicle’s condition, you can make a great purchase confidently.

What Will Be Inspected?

During the inspection, your mechanic will examine the vehicle thoroughly, including all of the following parts and components:

  • Tyres
  • Wheels
  • Body Condition
  • Frame
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Radiator
  • Hoses
  • Belts
  • Battery
  • Engine
  • Fluids
  • Glass
  • A/C unit

After completing the inspection, the mechanic will provide you with a detailed report that outlines the exact condition of the vehicle. Depending upon the vehicle’s state, you can negotiate the price with the seller or neglect the offer. Knowing about the vehicle before purchasing it helps you make a well-informed decision.

What Are The Benefits of Pre-Purchase Inspection?

  • Having the complete inspection done can be more helpful in getting informed about the issues with the vehicle you are willing to purchase. This enables you to get better value on the car, including the repair bills or negotiating the price.
  • Even the smallest car problems can put your and your family’s safety at risk. A pre-purchase inspection goes a long way to ensure that hidden problems are identified and fixed in the most efficient manner.

Call Bob Watson Service Centre!

For pre-purchase car inspections in Melbourne, you can trust the experts of Bon Watson Service Centre. With a team of certified car mechanics, we have been providing exemplary auto repair services to our customers across Hawthorn East and other suburbs of Melbourne at the best possible prices. If you need help with general car service, car repairs, logbook service, mechanical repairs, RWC, brake repairs, clutch repairs or car exhaust repairs, feel free to call 03 9882 2451 and schedule an appointment today.

Strange Car Noises That Need Immediate Attention

car serviceDoes your car sound quite different than it used to be? If so, don’t ignore it! In fact, listening to your car’s sound is very important as it can be a clue that something is not right with your vehicle. Below is a list of car noises that need immediate attention.

Grinding Or Squealing Brakes:

Grinding or squealing sounds can be due to the worn down brake pads or shoes. If you fix it early, you will only have to replace the pads. When ignored, it may lead to brake failure and your braking system will become unpredictable.

Chirping Engine:

Chirping sound from engine may be the result of loose or damaged timing or serpentine belt. In many cases, the belts can be adjusted, wherein others replacement is a must.

Hissing Noise From Engine:

Hissing sounds reveals that your engine is overheating, or the exhaust system or catalytic converter is plugged. Hissing noises can also be due to engine fluids leaking into exhaust parts.

Rattling Wheels:

Rattling noise from your car wheels indicate that something is not attached to the car in the right way. Noises from your steering wheel suggest that there is damage to the component in the steering area or low power steering fluid.

Popping Noise:

A popping noise from the car exhaust system indicates leaks in the fuel injector which could lead to increased fuel consumptions, engine damage and poor emissions.

Whirring Acceleration:

Faulty torque converter, worn-out universal joints and parts that require lubricant are the causes of whirring sound. In addition to gaskets, wires and hoses, there are several belts around your car’s engine. When they crack or get stretched, it makes that whirring noise.

If you notice any of these noises coming from your car, bring in your vehicle to Bob Watson Service Centre for a quick fix. Let us inspect your vehicle and determine what aspects of your vehicle need adjustments. For any queries about your vehicle, give us a call on 03 9882 2451. We are ready to provide great advice and solutions to your vehicle’s problems.

Professional Car Repair Or DIY Repair – Which One Is Better?

Do you own a car? Well, that’s good to hear! However, when you notice that something is wrong with your car, what would be your option? Will you opt for a trip to a mechanic shop or choose to repair it yourself? If you go with the second option, then take time to read the rest of the article to discover why DIY repair is a bad idea.

Time Consuming:

A car is a machine with a lot of moving parts. Unless you have knowledge on these parts and access to proper tools, your DIY repair takes longer to perform. Time is money and hiring a mechanic to do the job will cost you less overall.


As you don’t have professional training or knowledge on automotives, you are more likely to make mistakes when you try to fix the repairs yourself. Even a small mistake can lead to big problems, costing you a fortune to alleviate the problem.

Safety Risk:

When you are working on a vehicle, you should be very careful and cautious. Even a small blunder can put your safety at risk. For instance, if you are not cautious, you may cut yourself while using a tool or get sprayed by caustic chemicals in the eye. Above all, if you do not perform the repairs properly, something may go wrongly when you are driving the car, putting yourself, your passengers and others on the road at risk.

Void Warranty:

If your car is under manufacturer warranty, it is a bad idea to perform DIY repairs. This is because your car’s statutory warranty gets void and you will lose your eligibility to get free repairs.

The next time when you are in need of car repairs in Hawthorn East, you can rely on Bob Watson Service Centre. We have experienced mechanics who are capable of working on all models of foreign and domestic vehicles, and providing high-quality timely repairs. We excel in Roadworthy certificate (RWC), pre-purchase inspection, logbook service, car exhaust repairs, aircon repairs, brake & clutch repairs and other mechanical repairs.

If you need any of our automotive services, give us a call on 03 9882 2451 and schedule an appointment with us today.

European Car Specialist

European Car SpecialistAs a European car specialist centre, we specialise in giving fast, and reliable servicing for European vehicles like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, and more. With decades of experience in European car repairs and service, our team of European car mechanics provides an unparalleled service for your branded vehicles. When you come to us, you can have the ultimate peace of mind and expect a high-quality service.

We tailor our services to match your requirements. We provide complete diagnostics for your high-end vehicles including brake and clutch repairs, wheel alignment services, air conditioning repairs, power steering repairs, exhaust repairs, and more. 

Audi Service

At Bob Watson Service Centre, we specialise in Audi repairs and services. We perform all kinds of repairs and services that your prestigious vehicle needs. With a fully-equipped workshop and trained Audi mechanics, our Audi Service guarantees the highest level of care for your vehicle. We can also work on all Audi makes and models, and you can expect a high –quality service. 

BMW Service

 Looking for a BMW checkup? With our BMW Repair specialists, you can expect a high-level, professional, and all-round BMW service. From inspection to the oil change, we take care of your vehicle to improve its performance, efficiency, and longevity. Our BMW service assures you to keep your BMW in top condition. 

Mercedes – Benz Service

Regular Mercedes-Benz service will keep your luxurious vehicle running at its best. With our trained Mercedes-Benz experts, you can get back to the road as soon as possible. Our Mercedes specialist accurately access the repairs and maintenance work with precision and care. So, when you come to us, you can benefit from a fast, reliable, and cost-effective Mercedes-Benz service. 

Volkswagen Service

We promise to deliver the Volkswagen Service that you expect and deserve. From covering the basic tune-ups, washing, and inspection, our trained Volkswagen specialists diagnose any underlying issues in your vehicle and provide a high-level of care. 

Porsche Service

Here at Bob Watson Service Centre, we provide exemplary Porsche Service including its line of models like sedans, SUVs, and more. We are fully equipped to perform any repair job on your vehicle. 

Looking for a European car Brands specialist in Hawthorn East? Call 03 9882 2451 now.


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