Mechanics Hawthorn

Whether you are driving a high-performance vehicle or a family sedan, your car is a major investment. As you would have spent thousands of dollars on your car, your investment has to be protected with the best maintenance service possible. At Bob Watson Service Centre, we have certified mechanics who are well-trained and authorised to repair vehicles of all makes and models as per manufacturer’s specifications. From basic tune-ups to complex engine repairs, our mechanics offer a comprehensive range of services that suit all budgets.

Mechanics Hawthorn

Reasons to Choose Our Auto Mechanics:

Experience & Expertise:

One of the reasons to let our auto mechanics handle your car repairs is that they have several years of experience in the auto repair industry. With industry-leading expertise and experience, we can get the job done right in no time. Simply by looking at the signs and symptoms, we know what might be causing a problem with your vehicle and can come up with appropriate solutions. Instead of handling the car problems yourself, why not leave the task to our professionals?

Equipped With Tools & Equipment:

Another reason to hire our mechanics is that they are equipped with the right tools to get the particular job done right. If you plan to do the repairs yourself, you may end up buying these tools that cost you a lot more. However, we have speciality tools that allow us to get to the root of the problem and fix it right away.

A Wide Range of Services:

Our mechanics provide you with a wide range of automotive repair services, from oil changes & alternator works to complex engine & brake repairs. We also have extensive knowledge in performing regular maintenance & car service, logbook service, roadworthy certificate, exhaust repairs, pre-purchase inspection, mechanical repairs and much more.


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