4 Must-Do Car Maintenances For A Smooth Ride

Maintaining a car comes with a lot of responsibilities. However, as a car owner, keeping your vehicle in good condition is necessary. This is why getting regular car service in Camberwell is crucial for extending the life of your car, preventing unexpected car repairs, and improving your driving experience. By following these car maintenances, you can keep your car in the best condition and enjoy a smooth ride for years to come. In today’s blog post, let us tell you the must-do car maintenance tips essential for your car.

Regular Oil Changes

A well-lubricated engine is a must for the smooth functioning of your car. When you keep up with these regular oil changes, your car engine is properly lubricated, minimising friction and preventing costly damage. By visiting a reliable car service center, you can get professional assistance and a wide range of services like logbook service, roadworthy certificate, brake repairs, mechanical repairs, clutch repairs, pre-purchase inspections, and much more.

Tyre Maintenance

Do you check your car tyres? Car tyres play a major role in the overall performance and safety of your vehicle. Make sure you check the tyre pressure now and then and ensure you maintain the tyre pressure for a smooth ride. Also, remember, inflated or worn-out tyres can affect fuel efficiency and puts your safety at risk. So, make sure to check them often.

Battery Care

Your car battery is the reason for powering your car’s electrical systems. If your battery is old or suspect any damage, get it tested by a professional car mechanic. They can diagnose its health and recommend a replacement if needed, ensuring you won’t face sudden breakdowns or short fuse issues.

Routine Fluid Checks

When it comes to your car fluids such as coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluids, they need to be checked and refilled at regular intervals. If you suspect any leaks or unusual changes in fluid levels, you need to have your vehicle inspected promptly to identify and resolve any potential issues.

By following these above-mentioned car maintenance tips, you can keep your vehicle the best! Prioritise your car service and visit a reputable car service center like Bob Watson Automotive to ensure your vehicle remains in optimal condition for years to come. We also provide car exhaust repairs, Audi service, BMW service, Mercedes service, Porsche service, Volkswagen service,and much more.  For appointments, call us at 03 9882 2451 today.


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