How To Keep Your High Mileage Vehicle Run Efficiently?

Ask any car mechanic in hawthorn about getting the most mileage from your car, they will tell you that car service is the only way to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. Also, if you have bought a car that offers high mileage and good performance, you can get the most from it. However, certain driving habits and poor maintenance, not resolving the car repairs on time can ruin your car’s health and impact its efficiency. In today’s blog, let’s understand some staple actions that help keep the high-mileage car running at its best. Let’s get started.

Keep Up The Maintenance

When we say car service, changing the oil and filters regularly, getting the tyres and wheels aligned, replacing the timing belt, and checking the steering and suspension system, all these things can make your high-mileage car run at optimal performance.  Moreover, the required maintenance and intervals will be in your logbook. Whether you want more performance or looking for a roadworthy certificate or car repair, whatever the case, these maintenance steps can make your car perform well in the long run.

Drive Gently

If you want to enhance the life span of your high-mileage car, make sure to drive gently, accelerate slowly, and press the brakes gently. However, some drivers drive aggressively, slam on the brakes and accelerate rapidly, and all can reduce the efficiency of your high-mileage car. As you drive, keep the speed lower and gently rise if you have to.

Keep The Car Clean

When keeping your car’s exteriors and interiors clean, you can remove contaminants like dirt and debris buildup and prevent rust from damaging the car components. Go for a car detailing service to clean and polish your car’s interiors and exteriors. This way, you can prevent premature wear and tear and keep the car looking new.

Taking good care of the car with regular car repairs and service is one way to improve your car’s mileage. If you need car service for your high-mileage car or a mechanic or European car specialist to help, call Bob Watson Service Centre on 03 9882 2451 today.


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