Strange Car Noises That Need Immediate Attention

car serviceDoes your car sound quite different than it used to be? If so, don’t ignore it! In fact, listening to your car’s sound is very important as it can be a clue that something is not right with your vehicle. Below is a list of car noises that need immediate attention.

Grinding Or Squealing Brakes:

Grinding or squealing sounds can be due to the worn down brake pads or shoes. If you fix it early, you will only have to replace the pads. When ignored, it may lead to brake failure and your braking system will become unpredictable.

Chirping Engine:

Chirping sound from engine may be the result of loose or damaged timing or serpentine belt. In many cases, the belts can be adjusted, wherein others replacement is a must.

Hissing Noise From Engine:

Hissing sounds reveals that your engine is overheating, or the exhaust system or catalytic converter is plugged. Hissing noises can also be due to engine fluids leaking into exhaust parts.

Rattling Wheels:

Rattling noise from your car wheels indicate that something is not attached to the car in the right way. Noises from your steering wheel suggest that there is damage to the component in the steering area or low power steering fluid.

Popping Noise:

A popping noise from the car exhaust system indicates leaks in the fuel injector which could lead to increased fuel consumptions, engine damage and poor emissions.

Whirring Acceleration:

Faulty torque converter, worn-out universal joints and parts that require lubricant are the causes of whirring sound. In addition to gaskets, wires and hoses, there are several belts around your car’s engine. When they crack or get stretched, it makes that whirring noise.

If you notice any of these noises coming from your car, bring in your vehicle to Bob Watson Service Centre for a quick fix. Let us inspect your vehicle and determine what aspects of your vehicle need adjustments. For any queries about your vehicle, give us a call on 03 9882 2451. We are ready to provide great advice and solutions to your vehicle’s problems.


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